Yankee's offensive did not stop after that, the Roman second base, Gardner's first base and Kite's delivery to form a full base, no one out of the situation. Their main guns Kano also hit a two-point hits Mookie Betts Jersey, the score expanded to 7: 4. The first half of the sixth inning, the Orioles continue to shelling the poor state of Sabahia, Makati Tusi attack with the halftime to narrow the score to 5: 7, two out of the case Yankee coach Gillardi decisive, replaced Sabah, Use rescue pitcher Kelly. After the game, Gilardi carefully scheduling bullpen pitcher, while the Yankees also rely on Rodriguez in the second half of the game with a halftime hit the gap will be widened again to 3 points. In the four rescue pitchers, 3.1 Bureau of the performance of the blessing, the Yankees hold the advantage of 3 points, beat the Orioles, continue to that tiny playoff hope. Suzuki played a good game, four play in the hit two hits, made 1 delivery, 2 points RBI income, is the key to winning the team. After finishing the eighth inning, Nova's ball with less than 90 goals, coach Girardi decided to let him shock finished, for the team's rescue pitcher a day of rest time. Although McLeos in the first to play on the inside hit a wild hits Robby Scott Jersey, but Nova soon let Maracha hit high fly ball out Chris Sale Jersey. After the Oriole heavy artillery Davis blasted a right outfield direction of the high flying ball, Suzuki a Long also home before the ball hit the ball. After the hit Jones hit a shortstop in the direction of the easy flight ball out, but also to complete the completion of the completion of Nova. After the war, Nova's record into 8 wins and 4 losses, became the Yankees first group of the most trusted pitcher. After the game, the Yankees also rose to the third position outside the card list, away from the second wild card light only 4 away from the distance, in the case of the remaining one month, still have great hope The After three out of Carnot, Chen Weiyin ended his own pitching, cast 4 Bureau sent a career-high 5 times the three vibrations, lost 3 points, with 82 balls. Orioles put on a super new pitcher Gosman playing relay. Although the previous pitcher as a starting pitcher did not cast a good result, today as a rescue pitcher, a young pitcher successfully suppressed the Yankees line Pedro Martinez Jersey. On the other hand, the Yankees start pitcher veteran castle cast a good performance, after the vote in six games did not lose points. Because his ball with less than 90 goals, the seventh inning the top half-day coach Girardi continue to let him pitch. The first two Orioles hit the hitter, in the face of the recent poor performance of the Orioles catcher Wits, Yankees coach Gilardi made a mistake.