They launched a violent counterattack Danny Duffy Jersey, they hit three hits, and the use of astronauts a garrison mistakes to 3: 2 overtake the score. Norris in the vote after the first half of the sixth inning also made the identity of the winner. Orioles in the second half of the second in the second and then make persistent efforts, relying on two out of the four consecutive baseball fight and then 2 points, locked the 5: 2 lead. In the subsequent game, the Orioles of the Orioles Davis and fired a home run, and the astronauts, they are in exchange for a sacrifice hit a sacrifice won a 1 RBI, the score The gap narrowed again to 3 points, and this score is maintained to the end, Norris also got him to leave the astronauts first win Matt Shoemaker Jersey. In the Masterson cast 7.2 Bureau of the performance of the score will be 1 point leading to the team after the rescue pitcher, the direction of the cavalry still did not hit the feeling, and ultimately to 0: 1 opponents finished, Repair has swallowed the season of the first five games defeat, this time the team did not support the line also let Dabi repair cast very difficult Nolan Fontana Jersey, only hope that after he not too much to consider the issue of line Andrew Bailey Jersey, concentrate Of the pitching, and strive to do their own part of the work. In today's Pittsburgh pirates face the Washington national race, the 2011 draft picks Cole cast a wonderful performance to 7 Bureau 1 lost points beat the strength of the nationals, but also the end of their own three even Defeated, won the season's fifth game wins. In the Kansas royal face of the Baldimo Orioles in the game, the Asian Panama pitcher Chen Cai Cai in the second season of the individual starting 6 games lost 1 point performance, but also got a win vote, but also to send Hope that the first two red socks and light from the partition to kill the profit of the Orioles can not be closer to the top of the distance.