The game is the beginning of the Oriks is that they just got in exchange for the astronaut from the astronaut, Norris since 2006 was selected by the astronauts, the first nine games of his career are to participate in the identity of the astronauts, and the A non-astronauts in the capacity of the ball, the face of the old is the astronaut, without letting people feel sad. The face of the old friends, the astronauts of the public but did not give Norris a convenient, Wallace and Klaus in the second and fourth inning, respectively, hit two spring guns, but also let Norris into a 0: 2 behind. Athletes this season, although there is no star in the team, the only star potential of the Seth Peders also fell into a trough, but they rely on a group of cheap troops to put together the fate of the United States and the United States Albert Pujols Jersey. Has been 28 years old but only 1 year big league experience Vogt in the second half of the second half fired a two-point gun Kirby Yates Jersey, the score is enlarged to 6: 2, but also let Cologne cast 6 Board 2 points performance enough Get win. Although the angels in the ninth half of the first half of the recovery of 2 points, but the athletes or 6: 4 victory, and the distance between the cavalry widened to 4 games. After the war, 40-year-old veteran Cologne also won the big league record of the first 14 games to win the vote, the veteran of the accident has become a great surprise to the athletes. Rangers get the best scoring opportunities, full of people, the two out, playing against their main gun Cruise Jefry Marte Jersey. At the crucial moment, the Indian trump card Masterson to withstand the pressure Luis Valbuena Jersey, so that Cruise hit a shortstop of the direction of the ball caused the pitcher selected out, Rangers still no way to score. After finishing the sixth inning, Dabi repair with a 1 minute behind the end of today's pitching, the game he can not do not work hard, cast 6 Board only lost 1 point, with the number of balls reached 123 ball, sent 11 times to let him continue to lead the league in the big league leader, but because of the poor performance of the team line, he must stand on the side of failure.